Diwali is a major festival and this event initiated by Gallery Co-Founder, Natasha Chawla,
a Thai-Indian who wants to celebrate this day by lighting up the gallery with hundreds of
candles and decorating the floors with flowers and rangoli.
For this night, the featured artist, Demian Factory will be performing a live painting of the
elephant-headed Lord Ganesha. As he is the god of good beginnings and allegorical
destroyer of all evil and obstacles.
29th OCTOBER 2022, BANGKOK – CREATIVBKK GALLERY and George Custom Tailors
celebrates the festival of Lights, known as Diwali graced with the presence of Lord
GANESHA paintings by Demian Factory. Along with traditional sweetmeat offerings and
lighting up the gallery during the moonless, the aim of Diwali is to attract Lakshmi’s
attention and guide her towards the twinkling lights to bestow blessings and prosperity
for the year ahead.
“Everybody meditates, pray or seek blessings in different forms; for this night I’ve
requested for the gallery to provide a sculpture of lord Ganesha and the artist to perform
a live painting as a form of meditation or ‘puja’ to spiritually celebrate this event.
According to legends, after lord Shiva gave him the elephant head, Shiva ji blessed him
that Lord Genesha will be worshipped first before any other gods in any and all sorts of
puja (prayer). Hence it is important that the live painting of Lord Ganesha is performed
first thing at 6pm, since he is prominently known as the remover of obstacles and we
seek his blessings to remove any obstacles that may occur that night and hope that the
splashes of colors, blaring party and lighting displays at our gallery and on the rooftop will
be lit up brightly and beautifully in Nana street, so that we can respectfully commemorate
the legend of the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom. Marking the victory of light over
darkness.” Said Natasha Chawla
DIWALI 2022 – เฉ#มฉลองเทศกาล,ให/,0ดของ LIGHTS , CREATIVBKK Art Gallery &
George Custom Tailors

What to expect:
Drinks / Arts / Music / Lights, flowers and elaborative decorations / Traditional greetings / Live
painting performed by Demain Factory / Seek blessing from Lord Ganesh / New Secret Rooftop
party zone (above the Gallery)
OPENING PARTY: 29th October 2022
Time: 6pm till late
At: Creativbkk Art Gallery x George Custom Tailors
BTS Nana
Current Exhibition : Demian Factory solo : An Artist’s Journey into CUBISM
This series of works brings together the style of modern painting in the early 20th century by telling
the story of an artist and his perspective of life in three chapters. With this you can understand how
art can communicate feelings and sufferings such as ‘depression’ or ‘full of life’ without uttering a
single word.
This series was born out of the artist’s intention to find his creative voice by restoring the most
influential artistic cult of the 20th century. His aim is to bring back cubism to life by studying and
decomposing his realistic surroundings in this modern world in paintings that appeared fragmented
and abstracted. “This series of work of mine is a new interpretation of reality. By symbolising the
uniqueness of the surroundings with which I’m connected to or people I love or the statues of
sacred things that are associated with Thai people under the concept of cubism.” – Demain Factory

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